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The Apocalypse of Revelation

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An outline of Revelation


Many people avoid reading Revelations because they do not understand it.  Some say the book of Revelation was written as a puzzle, or a mystery, so the Roman officials would not understand it.  If so, it probably worked.  In the late twentieth century, there are certainly few who clearly understand Revelation. 


Part of the problem was that John used allegories, metaphors, similes, symbolisms, and other forms of pictorial language in writing Revelation.  Those who try to interpret his words literally are quickly lost in un-resolvable quandary.  Revelation also contains so many isolated bits of information, scattered in so many different places, that it can be difficult to keep everything in order.  To make matters even worse, John frequently used a confusing figure of speech called prolepsis.


If you have avoided Revelation because it was difficult to understand, then you will probably love this book.  It is logical, lucid, sensible, and explains Revelation clearly.  This book cuts through all the confusion, and presents a straight-forward explanation of what John said and what he meant. 


The basic format is a verse-by-verse exposition, and almost everything is cross-verified by other Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.  There is no attempt to establish a timetable for the events in Revelation (only God knows the timing, anyway).  Neither is there any attempt to correlate current events with scripture (useless speculation for too many already), nor to identify a specific person as the anti-christ (which turns out not to be a specific person at all). 


What you will find is a compelling story about the grand scheme of God's plan for mankind, from Genesis to Revelation.  You'll find lots of excitement, lots of surprises, maybe even some shocks.  If you want to know where the world is headed, and how everything ends, then this is the book for you.  Revelation is the only book in the bible that promises a blessing to those who read it.  Our prayer is that you will experience this blessing as you read and understand the message of Revelation.





An Outline of Revelation


Prologue, Verses 1: 1 - 1:9
The revelation of Jesus Christ
The first beatitude
The seven churches
The source of the revelation
A doxology
A highly visible return
The location of the revelation


Vision 1, Verses 1:10 - 3:22
The first and last Adam
The seven golden candlesticks
One like a son of man
The seven letters to seven churches
Attributes of Jesus Christ
The positive judgments
The negative judgments
The warnings
The promises


Vision 2, Verses: 4:1 - 8:1
Around God's throne in heaven
The twenty-four elders
The seven spirits
The four creatures
The book with seven seals
The Lion and the Lamb
Glorifying the Lamb
A new song
A multitude of angels
The first seal - white horse - the false christ
The second seal - red horse - war
The third seal - black horse - famine
The fourth seal - pale horse - death
The fifth seal - martyred souls under the altar
The sixth seal - earthquake - terror
A short summary
An interlude - four angels hold the wind
The 144,000 sealed
A great multitude from the tribulation
The seventh seal - silence in heaven


Vision 3, Verses 8:2 - 11:18
The seven trumpets
The golden censer
The first trumpet - hail, fire, blood
The second trumpet - mountain cast into sea
The third trumpet - a star fell from heaven
The fourth trumpet - sun, moon and stars smitten
Interlude - angel announces three woes
The fifth trumpet - the first woe - the bottomless pit
Locusts from the pit
The first woe ends
The sixth trumpet - the second woe - 200 million horsemen
Interlude - the angel with the little book
John eats the little book
John measures the temple
The two witnesses
The two witnesses killed
The two witnesses resurrected
The second woe ends
The seventh trumpet - the third woe -  Christ reigns
The twenty-four elders worship God


Vision 4, Verses 11:19 - 15:4
The seven tableaus
The first tableau - the woman, child and dragon
The great red dragon
War in heaven
The dragon cast out of heaven
Woe to the earth
The dragon persecutes the woman
The second tableau - the beast from the sea - the false christ
The beast wars with the saints
The third tableau - the beast from the earth - the false prophet
The mark of the beast
The fourth tableau - the Lamb and the 144,000
Interlude - the three angels - the first angel with the gospel
The second angel announces Babylon's fall
The third angel announces doom for worshipers of the beast
The second beatitude
The fifth tableau - the harvest of the earth
The sixth tableau - the winepress of God
The seventh tableau - the hymn of the Lamb


Vision 5, Verses 15:5 - 16:21
The seven vials of wrath
Preparation for the seven plagues
The first vial - curse on the earth - sores
The second vial - curse on the sea - blood
The third vial - curse on the rivers - blood
The fourth vial - curse on the sun - scorch men
The fifth vial - curse on the beast's throne - darkness
The sixth vial - curse on the Euphrates - a huge army
The third beatitude
The seventh vial - curse on the air - earthquake - it is done


Vision 6, Verses 17:1 - 20:3
Babylon's destruction and judgment of the whore
The first judgment - the woman on the beast
The beast with seven heads and ten horns
Victory for the Lamb
The second judgment - the fall of Babylon
Lament for Babylon
The third judgment - hallelujah in heaven
The marriage of the Lamb
The fourth beatitude
The fourth judgment - the rider on the white horse
The fifth judgment - the supper of God
The sixth judgment - the final battle
The seventh judgment - satan bound


Vision 7, Verses 20:4 - 22:.5
The first promise - the millennium
The first resurrection
The fifth beatitude
Satan loosed
The second promise - the judgment of evil
The second death
The third promise - new heaven and earth
The fourth promise - assurance for believers
The fifth promise - the New Jerusalem
Characteristics of the New Jerusalem
The sixth promise - illumination of the city
The seventh promise - the river of life
The tree of life


Epilogue, Verses 22:6 - 22:.21
The sixth beatitude
The final message
The seventh beatitude
Jesus is coming


Note: The basis for this outline was primarily drawn from the Mercer Dictionary of the Bible.









August 2009


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