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THE NO-NAME GOD: Attributes of Jehovah and Jesus as Manifestations of the Invisible God


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        Why should people read this book?


This is an astonishing book, which will forever change the way your read your Bible.


This study began with the discovery that the words in the Hebrew manuscript translated as god and lord were not used as proper nouns, but only as common nouns. Furthermore, the definite article, which was often used with the word god in the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, was ominously omitted in many of the English translations. These are significant points, which definitely change the correct interpretation of the scriptures. We decided to follow this insight to see how it might help us understand the true meaning of the scriptures. The result was amazing!


We found that the Bible actually clarifies how the invisible god of creation, The God, gradually revealed himself to mankind. This was a gradual, progressive revelation over many centuries. It was not happenstance, but a carefully crafted, systematic revelation beginning with Jehovah, who manifested the invisible god to mankind in Old Testament times, and culminating with Jesus who manifested the invisible god in New Testament times.


In the course of this study, we examined every word in the scriptures referring to god and lord, seeking to determine exactly what the scriptures were revealing. We also examined over 7,000 scriptures to identify attributes of Jehovah, and to trace the linkage between Jehovah and Jesus.





Why should people read this book?

In the process of our study, we discovered some truly amazing facts that will change the way you interpret the scriptures. We also discovered definitive answers to many perplexing questions. If the answers to these questions interest you, then you will want to read this book.


*  What do the scriptures say about the relationship between the Old

     Testament and the New Testament?

*  Do the Old Testament laws still apply to Christians today?

*  What was the difference between the god of Israel and the invisible god

     of heaven?

*  How do the scriptures differentiate between Jehovah, Jesus, and the

     invisible god of heaven?

*  Is Jehovah actually the invisible, creator god, or is he someone else?

*  What difference does it make that the translators ignored the definite


*  What do the scriptures actually say about the nature of the relationship

      between Jehovah and Jesus?

*  Do the scriptures actually support the concept of the trinity?

*  Was Jesus really a man just like any other man?

*  Why do so many churches continue to make erroneous claims about

     the relationship between God and Jesus?


Using the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, this book carefully studies the words and grammar used to discern the meaning of what the scriptures actually said. The insights presented may surprise many readers, perhaps even shock some. However, just because something has been preached for several centuries does not automatically mean it is true. A clear understanding of what the scriptures actually say will tip many sacrosanct church doctrines upside down.


If you are ready for the deeper truths of scripture, you will want to examine this book!





August 2009

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