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The Gospel of John: Revealing the Invisible God

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Why should people read this book?

The Gospel of John is not primarily about Jesus, although it may appear to be so at first glance. John's primary thrust was to reveal the invisible Creator God, not to provide an historical account of Jesus. John wrote about Jesus because his life revealed the Father. To know Jesus, was to know something of the Father.


Jehovah, the Word of the Old Testament, became flesh in the person of Jesus. However, his office was the same as it was in the Old Testament, namely to give an exact account of what the invisible, unknown, Creator God, his heavenly Father told him to say and to do. Jesus came to earth to reveal the existence of this invisible God, and to glorify him by his words and deeds. From that perspective, John's gospel could even be considered the first revelation given to John (the book of Revelation, then, would be second).


Most of what Jesus taught about the invisible God of heaven was not understood at the time, not even by his closest disciples. Still, he persisted in his ministry because he knew that when holy spirit dwelt upon each person, his disciples would then understand the mysteries he had been divulging to them. For example, after the coming of the holy spirit, the disciples realized that Jesus was not only the Messiah, but also Jehovah, himself, the God of Israel.


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Why should people read this book?

In the process of our study, we discovered the answers to some puzzling questions. If the answers to these questions interest you, then you will want to read this book.


*  Why is the Gospel of John so different from the synoptic


*  Who did Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and David actually worship?

*  What was the primary purpose for Jesus being on earth?

*  To whom was Jesus referring when he spoke of his father?

*  Is it true that no man has ever seen God, nor heard his voice?

*  What did Jesus teach as being the work of God?

*  Why did Jesus say that all men were gods?

*  Who actually took the life of Jesus?

*  Why was the crucifixion of Jesus compared to Moses lifting up

     the serpent?

*  What was required to open the way into the heavenly holy of


*  How was this portrayed in the earthly tabernacle?

*  What was actually accomplished when Jesus died on the cross?



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August 2009


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