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Our Mission

Our mission is to publish the books and articles written by Fred Kenison, whom we believe has been gifted by Holy Spirit to proclaim the truth revealed in the Bible.




The full text of the following seven books are now available on this web site.  Click on title for more information about each book.


1  What Scripture Says About Salvation  

2  The Truth Revealed in Romans  

3  The Gospel of John: Revealing the Invisible God 

4  The Apocalypse of Revelation

5  The Hidden Meaning in Hebrews

6  Ephesians and James: Comparing Grace and Works

7  The No-Name God: Attributes of Jehovah and Jesus as

     Manifestations of the Invisible God  


The full text of the following book will be available later this year.  Click on title below for more information about this book.


8  A Life Worth Living: The heart-warming, heart-breaking

     memoirs of one man's journey through life 


We have produced and sold the print editions of Fred's books for several years.  However, we have now decided to make all of Fred's books available free to anyone who would like to read them.  That is the purpose of this website.  Seven books are currently available for free.  We are working on the remaining book, and expect to have it available soon. 







The full text of the following articles are available on this web site. 

Click on the title to read this article.


A Brief Summary of Revelation

The Book of Life

The Lake of Fire and Brimstone

Tithing: The conflict between law and grace

A Study of Satan

A Study of Angels

Is God Capitalized?

Grammar Terms Explained

Fred's Story: A short biography

One of our favorite hymns






Why our books are free

Our intention from the beginning has been to distribute our books to anyone who sincerely wanted to read them.  God has graciously provided for us, and we do not believe in making a profit from what God has given so freely.  Our example is the apostle Paul, who made his living as a tentmaker, and taught God’s message without charge.


Our print books have been priced low, barely enough to cover our costs.  Even then, we gave away as many books as we sold.  Rather than reprint the paper editions, we decided to move our books to the Internet, making the electronic editions available to any who wish to read them.


Seven of Fred's books have been revised for the Internet, and are now ready for reading.  We hope you will enjoy reading them, and we pray that you will grow spiritually as a result.  We plan to have the remaining book (Fred's memoirs) available on the Internet soon.


In addition, we still have a few of the print editions of the original books available.  If you would like to have a print copy, please e-mail your request to us.  There will not be any charge for the book, but there will be a small charge to cover shipping costs.





Background Information

Our books are written to get people to think, and to search the scriptures for themselves.  Too many people do not sincerely search for God’s truth.  They approach the Bible with their own preconceived notions, and look for verification of what they already believe. 


When most people do go to scripture, they bring with them a preconceived assumption of truth, and usually interpret what they read through the lens of that bias.  Even when confronted with undeniable truth, they stubbornly maintain what they want to believe.


Many people are like that about one issue or another.  Most folks do not study the scriptures critically, trying to discern what they actually say.  Most of our beliefs come from what someone else said the scriptures say...our local church, or our denomination, or perhaps our favorite preacher or author.  This, of course, opens the door to all kinds of possibilities, and the result is often a syncretic set of beliefs that mix scripture with non-scripture ideas.


The worst error is not that which is totally wrong, but that which is slightly wrong.  A tiny deviation, repeated over time, becomes greatly magnified.  It is very important to study what you are taught, because error repeated over time becomes “truth.”  For at least 1700 years, that is what has been happening in organized religion. 


The first three centuries of the early church depicts a story of political dog-fights masquerading as “doctrinal issues of truth.”  The winning side banished (and sometimes killed) the losers, burned their writings, and set about to defend the “orthodox truth.”  When Luther disagreed several centuries later, he almost lost his life, too.  At that point, a new orthodoxy developed, and veered off in a different direction.


Most people do not search for truth, but for confirmation of what they already believe.  They actually feel tortured when their beliefs or assumptions are challenged, and they usually attack the messenger.  When confronted with new ideas, they rarely examine them carefully, but are more likely concerned with whether the new ideas conform to their assumptions. 


Few people are comfortable when the principles they have been taught are questioned, or when they are challenged by a different interpretation of the scriptures.  What is worse, even if the new interpretations turn out to be correct, they seldom change their beliefs.  This seems to be especially true when discussing God’s message about the coming kingdom of God, and the reign of Christ upon the earth.


Our books will undoubtedly introduce new ideas to some people.  We do not hold that these are the only possible interpretations, but we do believe they are more plausible than any others we have seen so far.  However, we suggest that you neither accept our ideas at face value nor reject them out of hand.  Set aside what you think you already know.  Pray as you read.  Study the scriptures for yourself.  Ask God to help you understand his truth.  We are only human, and we may be wrong.  You may be wrong, too.  Only God is without error, and he has promised to help those who ask (James 1:5).


It is dangerous to simply take someone else’s ideas and make them your own.  It does not matter who the other person is, nor what their credentials appear to be. Imitate the Bereans, and study the word!  Acts 17:10-12 says,

“And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews.  These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.  Therefore many of them believed.” 


It is very easy to be puffed up by the natural mind of the flesh, and deceived, and led astray.






We do not solicit donations, and since we are not a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, any donations are not tax deductible.  If you feel that God is leading you to make a donation to this work, please contact us by e-mail.



Dr. Ron E. Tarlton


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